Independent Film / Graduation Film


Dieter, an unexpected guest on Christmas eve, causes a crack in the cemented roles within the family. On this evening everybody plays theatre.


On Christmas Eve Annemijn lets in an unexpected visitor who was looking for a place to warm up. With that, she causes an entire reconstruction between the existing family bonds; a crack in the façade called family. Whilst the attendees are fighting for attention and praise of their reciprocal success within this facade there suddenly is someone in their midst looking for truth and kinship. With this he rattles the whole family and robs them of their complacency. Gradually, it shall become clear how much of a family this really is.

Meet The Crew

Victor meas


Daan Hofman



Pelle Smit

Director, Producer, Writer

Len Land

Co-Producent & Co-Writer

Nathan Idzinga


Suzan van Eck

Sound Designer

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